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Types of Whitening Treatments

Everyone wants a white and beautiful smile, which is why there are so many products available that claim to whiten teeth. Yet, professional strength whitening gels will always give you better and longer lasting results than over the counter kits. At Linda Rak Canepa, DDS, we offer several different whitening options to not only give you noticeable results quickly, but to give you the flexibility to choose a treatment that will work best for you.

In-Office Whitening

Our professional, in-office whitening procedure can give you whiter teeth with just one, hour long treatment. In order to reduce sensitivity and discomfort we put a protective gel over your gums before applying the whitening gel to your teeth. Each session lasts for twenty minutes but can be repeated multiple times during your appointment to give you your desired results. This option is great for anyone who needs to rejuvenate their smile for a special event.

At-Home Whitening Kit

For those with a busy schedule, we also offer an at-home whitening kit. This kit uses our professional strength whitening gel as well, so you can still get amazing results during a time and place that works best for you. We also provide you with a customized whitening tray that will help keep the gel on your teeth and away from your gums, as well as detailed instructions on how to use the kit to obtain the best results. Our kits are also great for touchups and maintenance after an in-office whitening procedure.

Disposable Whitening Trays

If you are unsure if our whitening treatments are right for you and would like to try our gel before committing to an in-office or at-home procedure, we offer disposable whitening trays. These trays are pre-filled with our professional strength whitening gel and are easy and quick to use. This is also an affordable way to get professional results on a budget.

Need More Information?

If you live in the Rocky River, OH area and would like more information about our professional whitening treatments, or to schedule a consultation to find out which treatment will work best for you, please contact our office at your earliest convenience.      

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