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Partial Dentures in Rocky River, OH

Dentures Rocky River | Dentist Rocky RiverAt our Rocky River dental office, we have a solution-oriented approach to dental conditions. Missing teeth are no exception. If you are missing multiple teeth on your upper or lower arch, you might be considering a partial denture to complete your smile.

Partial dentures have come a long way both in comfort and appearance. We use highly skilled dental labs that offer the best materials because we believe that doing it right the first time is the best approach.

Is a Partial Denture Right for You?

Dr. Canepa will perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine if a partial denture will work well for your unique needs. She can make recommendations based up your budget, lifestyle, and aesthetic goals so that you achieve an outcome that works well for you.

If you are missing multiple teeth, partial dentures are a reliable and affordable treatment that can provide a permanent or temporary solution for tooth loss.

We strive to provide functional and aesthetic dentistry for every type of procedure so that our patients feel confident about their smiles. We will not cut corners when it comes to materials, and Dr. Canepa will match your partial denture to your existing smile so that your appearance is seamless. She will choose denture teeth that will match your own in size, shape, and shade. The days of fake-looking, boxy denture teeth are over!

Designing the Perfect Partial Denture 

Because of her experience in full mouth restorative dentistry, Dr. Canepa’s attention to detail and precision when it comes to designing your denture will ensure a better, more functional partial. She will use your natural teeth to help anchor your partial securely in your mouth so that you can speak and chew confidently. 

When we receive your partial denture from our lab, Dr. Canepa will make any final precision adjustments to ensure a comfortable fit. A follow-up appointment may be necessary to readjust your partial after several days of wear. Once we make some small adjustments, your partial will fit comfortably. 

Partial Denture Care 

Partial dentures require occasional adjustments and inspections to make sure they do not sustain damage and are still fitting you properly, providing reliable function, and look their best. If you damage your partial, call us right away and schedule an appointment. Leaving your partial out of your mouth for too long can allow your natural teeth to drift, making it difficult for your partial to fit again.

Are You Missing Teeth?

If you are missing teeth and want to explore your tooth replacement options, contact our Rocky River, OH dental office and schedule an evaluation with Linda Rak Canepa, DDS. Our team is friendly, warm, and experienced, and we look forward to making sure you have an outstanding experience while you are with us.

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