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Your Child's First Visit

When Should Your Child Visit the Dentist?

As a parent of a young child, you may be wondering when your child should see the dentist for the first time. Children develop many habits, including dental habits, at a very young age, so it’s important to instill great oral hygiene habits young- even if they don’t yet have adult teeth. Typically, you want your child’s first dentist visit to be around six months after their first teeth grow in, and no later than three years old. Visiting the dentist at a young age helps to instill the importance of oral hygiene, and it’s never too soon to start professional preventative dental ...

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What to Expect During Your Dental Exam

What to Expect in a Dental Exam

Most people are familiar with a typical dental exam. It’s important to visit a dentist on a regular basis to ensure that your teeth are healthy, and to maintain good oral health. Most professionals recommend dentist visits twice a year to keep up with your oral health, even if you don’t have any symptoms of dental issues. That being said, if you are experiencing any tooth sensitivity, swollen gums, pain, or other symptoms, it’s a good idea to make your way to the dentist sooner. 

Your Dental Exam

While every dental office that you visit can be slightly different, here’s what you can expect from a typical ...

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Reasons You May Need to Make an Extra Trip to the Dentist

Generally, you only have to see your dentist once every six months to once a year to keep your mouth healthy and to catch any possible dental issues, yet there are still many reasons why you may need to make an extra trip to your dentist. These dental emergencies can be frustrating, especially if your dentist doesn’t make same day appointments. Dr. Linda Rak Canepa and her team understand these frustrations and welcome same day appointments for dental emergencies, as well as late office hours to accommodate your needs. 

Reasons to Make an Extra Dental Visit

One of the most common reasons people have to see their dentist in between regular cleanings ...

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Oral Hygiene Mistakes

There are many opinions out there about what is best for your dental health ranging from at home remedies to commercials advocating dentist recommended products. It can be difficult to weed through all that information and determine what is actually best for your dental care. The team at Linda Rak Canepa DDS Family Dentistry cares about you and helping you maintain the best oral hygiene routine. 

Oral Hygiene Mistakes

Brushing too much – When it comes to brushing it may seem like the more you do it, the better off you are, but there is such thing as too much brushing. Over brushing can cause your enamel to wear down and your ...

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